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Modern Knives Issue #5
The American Bowie Knife
DVD ~ 96 Minutes

Special Guest:
Dwight McLemore

Defending Against The Snap Cut Or "Snipe" To The Hand

James Keating
The Bowie Knife & Revolver Method

Pete Kautz
The Bowie Knife & Saber Connection

Special Feature:
Bill Bagwell
Forging The Fighting Bowie

Mike Sastre
Wearing The Bowie Knife Concealed Carry Sheath

Musical Guest:
Raining Tractors
Psychedelic Hillbilly Fun

This time, retired US Army Colonel Dwight McLemore joins us for a look at several of the specific Bowie knife sets out of his latest Paladin Press book “Advanced Bowie Techniques”.  Dwight details exactly how to use the knife to defend against snap-cuts or “snipes” to your knife hand.  (It is probably not what you would expect, either!)  This is one of the most common attacks you will face from a skilled adversary and happens in the blink of an eye.  See how this is done at speed and trained with a partner. 


James Keating presents an incredible segment on the use of the Bowie knife and pistol as a paired weapons set.  This is something that has been a selectively taught skill in the Comtech curriculum up to now; only shown to private students and attendees at the Riddle of Steel.  Now, for the first time ever, it is being offered on a wider scale through Modern Knives!  This extra-long segment will act as a primer to the live-fire version of this material that will be filmed later this year!  This is the kind of material you will find nowhere else but in MK.


I have often said that the saber is a relative of the Bowie knife, so my segment deals with Lt. Col. Pierce Darrow’s 1821 Saber for the US Artillery and its relation to the Bowie.  The most interesting aspect of this work is using the saber to defend against a man armed with a rifle bayonet, and this is made even more difficult by the fact that now we are substituting the Bowie knife for the full-sized saber.  However, as you will see, his basic method (consisting of just two movements) is a simple yet workable solution to the situation at hand. 

As a Special Feature for this issue of Modern Knives, kydex wizard Mike Sastre of River City Sheaths took a little road trip to Texas for a visit with legendary Bowie knife smith and author Bill Bagwell, possibly most well known for his Hell’s Belle Bowie.  We get to witness a new Bowie knife being forged and get a quick shop tour and some insights on the Bowie’s design from Bill before he turns things over to Mike for a look at the art of wearing a concealed Bowie knife, which as you see is very easy with his unique Southern Comfort sheaths.

Musical Guest Raining Tractors joins us for some creepy hillbilly psychedelic fun.  Mellower than than some of the Raining Tractor's harsh electronic forays, these pieces have a creepy down-home ambience.  If Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd had grown up in the backwoods of NY State I imagine he might have sounded something like this.

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