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Modern Knives Issue #10
Fire & Steel - Gun & Knife Combat
DVD ~ 72+ Minutes

Our Special Guest:
Laci Szabo

Handgun Marksmanship


James Keating
Pistol & Walking Cane

Pete Kautz
Cinco Teros Knife Method

Musical Guest:
Loathsome Ritual
NY Death Metal

Modern Knives #10 Fire & Steel - Gun & Knife Combat

Jim Keating leads off MK#10 teaching us about the Pistol & Walking Cane as a combination.  You'll learn several ways to instantly turn your pistol into a rifle for a long-range steady shot as well as a series of last-resort handgun and walking cane close-combat techniques.  If you carry a cane and handgun together for any reason (while hiking in the woods, for urban defense, or because you might simply need a cane to get around and you exercise your legal 2nd Amendment Rights) then you should know these old-timer's ticks!


Next, Laci Szabo takes you to the shooting range for a one-on-one lesson in handgun marksmanship.  Using both dry-fire and live-fire exercises Laci gives you some great drills to improve your sighted shooting.  Plus learn how to make your own metal target that's both durable and easy to transport.

Then Pete Kautz shares a fast paced exploration of the Cinco Teros (5 Strikes) style of knife work.  You've seen the classical version of the Cinco Teros via the Sword & Dagger on MK#1: Spanish Fighting Arts, well here we re-translate it through the knife in both forward and reverse grip and the empty hands vs. the knife mode.  Each evolution develops more skills from the same core of actions, adding depth of understanding and highlighting some of the best aspects of the Filipino knife arts including crossing, passing, chaining, and tying in only 5 base techniques.  Quick to learn, versatile, and effective!

Musical Guest Loathsome Ritual lend a torrent of musical frenzy to the mix, recorded live at a recent show.

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Modern Knives #1: The Spanish Fighting Arts
Cinco Teros Sword & Dagger Method (Pete Kautz)
Spanish Notch & Trapping Guards (James A. Keating)
Spanish Navaja Knives (James Loriega)

Modern Knives #2:
South East Asian Fighting Arts
Kerambit Hook Knife (James A. Keating)
Thrusting Triangle Drills (Pete Kautz)
Filipino Knife (Kelly Worden)

Modern Knives #3: Modern Knife Concepts
The Keating / Spyderco Chinook Folding Knife (James A. Keating)
Comtech Drawpoint Level I : Extensions & Variations (Pete Kautz)
Defeating the Surprise Knife Attack (Dale Seago)

Modern Knives #4: The Western Martial Arts
ingle-Action Revolver Twirling (James A. Keating)
Dagger of Medieval German Master Andre Lignitzer (Pete Kautz)
Basic Dagger from Master Fiore DeLiberi, 1410 (Bob Charron)

Modern Knives #5: The American Bowie Knife
The Bowie Knife & Revolver Method (James A. Keating)
The Bowie Knife & Saber Connection (Pete Kautz)
Defending The Snap Cut To The Hand (Dwight McLemore)
Forging The Fighting Bowie (Bill Bagwell)
Wearing The Bowie Knife Concealed (Mike Sastre)

Modern Knives #6: Filipino Stick Fighting
Filipino Police Stick Tactics - Releasing & Locking (James A. Keating)
Functionalizing Siniwali For Combat (Pete Kautz)
The Visadario (Counter the Counter) of Modern Arnis (Dr. Remy Presas)
The Sibat Filipino Long Staff ("Big" Ken Smith)

Modern Knives #7: The Grappling Arts
Knife Grappling From The 1992 Riddle Of Steel (James A. Keating)
3-Stage Lock Flow Sequences Out Of Hubud (Pete Kautz)
Western Catch Wrestling Conditioning & Submissions (Dr. Les Moore)
Fighting From The Ground VS. A Standing Opponent (Mark Hatamaker)

Modern Knives #8: Combative Drills & Skills
Snake Rope Solo Training & Applications (James A. Keating)
The Figure-8 Stick Fighting Method (Pete Kautz)
Combat Escrima Knife & Stick Drills (Ed Lawson)

Modern Knives #9: World Arts
Fighting Bandanna Quick Start Guide (Pete Kautz)
Comtech Spear (James A. Keating)
Sikaran Kicks, Sticks & Blades (Rob Simons)

Modern Knives #10: Fire & Steel - Gun & Knife Combat
Pistol & Walking Cane (James A. Keating)
Cinco Teros Knife Method (Pete Kautz)
Handgun Marksmanship (Laci Szabo)

Modern Knives #11: Savate, Sungkiti & The C.A.T.
Sungkiti Concepts - The Reverse Thrusting Line (James A. Keating)
Circular Attack Training (C.A.T.) Dummy Construction & Drills (Pete Kautz)
Savate Defense Dans La Rue Old School Savate Street Fighting (Craig Gemeiner)

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