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Must Visit Web Sites!

Combat Technologies Inc.
Comtech founder James A. Keating's personal website

James A. Keating's daily updated page - news, knives, adventure, strange phenomenon, and more

Purpleheart Armories
This is our OFFICIAL SUPPLIER for fencing masks and related gear fro the AmEurAsian Fencing program!

Alliance Select Web Links

Advanced Martial Systems Northwest
Ken Smith's school in Renton, Washington is your home for JKD, Kali, Sambo and more!

Blade Reviews
A site devoted to reviewing knives so you cam make informed cutlery purchases.  They did a great interview with Mr. Keating here.

The Bullwhip Hompage
Lots of info and all the basic to get you started - now go get crackin'!

The Chivalric Fighting Arts Association
If you are serious about the study of the historical European martial art traditions then start here!  The CFAA member groups can help you find training and resources that are the REAL DEAL when it comes to these traditional fighting arts.

Cold Steel Knives
Cold Steel knives are legendary when it comes to strength and cutting power! Cold Steel now manufactures a whole range of other items like combat shovels, axes, spears, warhammers, maces, swords, and so on that meet these same high standards and are still easily affordable.

Combat Dynamics
Peter James offers training in Australia

Dink The Professor UK
Dink is a student of Lyte Burly in the art of 52 Blocks and heads up the UK branch of A.O.D.

Edges 2
Edges Squared (E2) is Ed Burges shop where he turns out high quality training knives made from aircraft aluminum and finished as beautifully as any hand made knife would be.

Fight Times
Online magazine by CQC instructor Tank Todd of Australia

Filipino Martial Arts Special & LINK PAGE!
We have SO MANY cool links to Filipino Martial Arts at Alliance that they get their OWN PAGE!!!

Kelly Worden
Kelly Worden runs Natural Spirit International (NSI) out in Tacoma, Washington.  Kelly is a dynamic instructor with a number of videos to his credit, as well as the host of the popular "On The Edge" radio program.  Visit his site to download past radio interviews with top martial arts instructors

Laci Szabo
LEO, knife designer, movie star and man of action in Miami, Florida

Lua - The Ancient Hawaiian Martial Art
A fierce and secretive art now being taught openly by a true Master.  This is one of those arts that we've heard of since the 70's, where you'd spot the Lua people in photos with other, more well known, Masters out of Hawaii.  Now they are opening it up to the world.  An amazing arsenal of archaic weapons and very different animal forms - shark bite style anyone?

Lyte Burly 52 Blocks
Visit Coach Lyte Burly to learn more about the art of 52 Blocks, a real-deal boxing-based martial art.  Once secret, now available to the world!

Mark Hatmaker
Check out Mark Hatmaker's web site Extreme Self Protection for literally scores of training DVDs on all aspects of Western boxing, wrestling, submission fighting and conditioning.  Top notch instruction you can really learn from!

Martial Arts Self Defense (MASD)
This is a German martial arts club run by Martin Yalcin and Jorg Bellinghausen.  Top notch instruction in both historical as well as modern arts with an emphasis on grappling.

Medieval and Renaissance Combat Arts LINK PAGE!
We have SO MANY cool links to Medieval and Renaissance Combat at Alliance that they get their OWN PAGE!!!

Military Combatives LINK PAGE!
We have SO MANY cool links to Military Combatives at Alliance that they get their OWN PAGE!!!

Paladin Press
Perhaps the most famous small press dedicated to action and military works, who with their latest shift away from books on bombs and poisons to more martial arts books and videos has become an excellent source for information.  Many of the people and groups mentioned on this links page have works available through Paladin Press.

Point Shooting LINK PAGE!
We have SO MANY cool links to Point Shooting at Alliance that they get their OWN PAGE!!!

Purpleheart Armories
Top quality hand made purpleheart wood training weapons.  These swords and daggers are solid, balanced, and with some regular maintenance will last a lifetime.  From Great Swords to Rondel daggers, they have all manner of European practice weapons.

Reality-based fighting site on the Internet - no art, no philosophy, just real fighting.

This is a great site for information on the art of staff play from India, known as Silambam.

Spike's Place
Ohio based Jim Miller offers training plus a web site with reviews, articles & links

Sunshine Knife Outlet
Great source for bullwhips, knife throwing videos and large, quality, hand-made throwing knives! Check out their article on target construction as well! It is one of the best ideas I have seen for a durable, easy to build, move, and repair target.

Tactical Edge Close Combat & Personal Protection
UK classes with Mark Davies of Scotland

Wild West Arts Club
Wild West Arts Club (WWAC) is a group dedicated to the Western Arena Arts, which include: Trick and Fancy Roping, Gun-Spinning, Knife-Throwing, Whip-Cracking, Tomahawk Throwing, Trick Riding, and Trick Horses.


What's New - Timeline - Articles - Techniques - Catalog - Seminars - Links - Contact Us