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Modern Knives Issue 4
Western Martial Arts
VHS / DVD ~ 80 Minutes

Special Guest:
Bob Charron

Basics of the Dagger from Master Fiore DeLiberi, 1410

James Keating
American Wild West Single-Action Revolver Twirling & Dynamic Gun Handling

Pete Kautz
The Dagger of Medieval German Master Andre Lignitzer

Video Reviews:
The Longsword of Johannes Liechetnhauer
By Alex Kapelmeyer and Hans Heim of Ochs

La Canne: Walking Stick Method of Self Defense
By Craig Germiner of Savate Australia

Musical Guest:
If Man Is Five
Independent Alternative Recording Artist

In Issue #4 of Modern Knives, Bob Charron of St. Martin's Academy of Medieval Arms joins us as our special guest in a segment covering the basics of using the dagger according to famous Medieval Master Fiore DeLiberi.  Bob gets into some of the master key concepts to understanding and correctly practicing Fiore's art as well as covering the basic guards, ways of attack with the dagger, priorities of defense and much more.


James Keating brings us a wild segment on old-time cowboy pistol twirling that will have you itching to go and try some six-gun spinnin' yourself.  This is unlike anything you have seen before, except in the movies.  This unique piece of American history and physical culture is presented not as a way of "going and getting in a gunfight" but as a way of appreciating the single-action revolver and gaining the ability to handle it in a way that others can not.


Pete Kautz shares some ideas on the German Medieval Dagger of Master Andre Lignitzer.  Master Lignitzer's techniques were recorded in the VonDanzig Manuscript that was translated into English by Christian Henry Tobler (Author "Secrets of Medieval German Swordsmanship").  These basic techniques offer insight into the Medieval German style of fighting, both with and without the dagger.


We have TWO video reviews this time, starting with “The Longsword of Johannes Liechtennhauer” by Alex Kapelmayer and Hans Heim of the German Historical Martial Arts group Ochs.  This is a beautifully produced "History Channel Quality" DVD on the use of the German longsword.  Beginning with the most fundamental movements and evolving into some advanced theory this DVD is a must have for anyone serious about this weapon.  This DVD is available from Chivalry Bookshelf.


Our second review is “La Canne: The Walking Stick Method of Self Defense” by Craig Germiner of Savate Australia.  On this DVD available from Paladin Press Craig shows the power and modern applicability of the "walking stick method of self defense" according to the principles of the old French "streetfighting" Savate.  If you carry a cane or know someone who does, then this information could be priceless.  This is a very martial style of stick fighting than what most people have ever seen!


Musical guest If Man Is Five joins us and we hear excerpts from their songs "Aria" and "My Nightmare" off of their 2005 CD "Pain is the Story Blood is the Ink".  Visit them at their website http://blackazul.com/ifmanisfive for more music, photos, info, and to get CDs of this hot alternative band that is truly hard to classify, blending operatic and classical elements into the punk and metal maelstrom.

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Modern Knives #1: The Spanish Fighting Arts
Cinco Teros Sword & Dagger Method (Pete Kautz)
Spanish Notch & Trapping Guards (James A. Keating)
Spanish Navaja Knives (James Loriega)

Modern Knives #2:
South East Asian Fighting Arts
Kerambit Hook Knife (James A. Keating)
Thrusting Triangle Drills (Pete Kautz)
Filipino Knife (Kelly Worden)

Modern Knives #3: Modern Knife Concepts
The Keating / Spyderco Chinook Folding Knife (James A. Keating)
Comtech Drawpoint Level I : Extensions & Variations (Pete Kautz)
Defeating the Surprise Knife Attack (Dale Seago)

Modern Knives #4: The Western Martial Arts
ingle-Action Revolver Twirling (James A. Keating)
Dagger of Medieval German Master Andre Lignitzer (Pete Kautz)
Basic Dagger from Master Fiore DeLiberi, 1410 (Bob Charron)

Modern Knives #5: The American Bowie Knife
The Bowie Knife & Revolver Method (James A. Keating)
The Bowie Knife & Saber Connection (Pete Kautz)
Defending The Snap Cut To The Hand (Dwight McLemore)
Forging The Fighting Bowie (Bill Bagwell)
Wearing The Bowie Knife Concealed (Mike Sastre)

Modern Knives #6: Filipino Stick Fighting
Filipino Police Stick Tactics - Releasing & Locking (James A. Keating)
Functionalizing Siniwali For Combat (Pete Kautz)
The Visadario (Counter the Counter) of Modern Arnis (Dr. Remy Presas)
The Sibat Filipino Long Staff ("Big" Ken Smith)

Modern Knives #7: The Grappling Arts
Knife Grappling From The 1992 Riddle Of Steel (James A. Keating)
3-Stage Lock Flow Sequences Out Of Hubud (Pete Kautz)
Western Catch Wrestling Conditioning & Submissions (Dr. Les Moore)
Fighting From The Ground VS. A Standing Opponent (Mark Hatamaker)

Modern Knives #8: Combative Drills & Skills
Snake Rope Solo Training & Applications (James A. Keating)
The Figure-8 Stick Fighting Method (Pete Kautz)
Combat Escrima Knife & Stick Drills (Ed Lawson)

Modern Knives #9: World Arts
Fighting Bandanna Quick Start Guide (Pete Kautz)
Comtech Spear (James A. Keating)
Sikaran Kicks, Sticks & Blades (Rob Simons)

Modern Knives #10: Fire & Steel - Gun & Knife Combat
Pistol & Walking Cane (James A. Keating)
Cinco Teros Knife Method (Pete Kautz)
Handgun Marksmanship (Laci Szabo)

Modern Knives #11: Savate, Sungkiti & The C.A.T.
Sungkiti Concepts - The Reverse Thrusting Line (James A. Keating)
Circular Attack Training (C.A.T.) Dummy Construction & Drills (Pete Kautz)
Savate Defense Dans La Rue Old School Savate Street Fighting (Craig Gemeiner)

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