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Modern Military Combatives And Bayonet Fighting

Russian Military Fighting Arts HERE

New Article - The American Training Bayonet 1858-1912 - New Article

A Look Into the Past - Bayonet Training in WWI (1917)

Army Training in 1924 - Unarmed x Rifle Bayonet Close Combat in Gas Masks and
Bayonet Sequence "Long Thrust, Withdraw from Thrust, Short Thrust"

We'll be adding historical articles, photo techniques, and more here!

Some people say that you should never kick to the head in a fight...but this looks pretty good to me!

Military Combatives / Bayonet / Physical Training ELITE Links
*Constantly Updated*

Air Force Self Defense Manual

A la bayonet, or, "hot blood and cold steel" by: Capt Michael M. O'Leary, The RCR

An Introduction to Training in Rifle-Bayonet Fighting in the US Military
(Journal of Non-lethal Combatives, November 1999)

Bayonet Assault Course Brings Soldiers Back to Basics

Charles Nelson School of Self Defense

Close-Combat - True War Stories

Combatives E-Group

Dutch Army Commandos in WWII

Fort Benning Physical Training School - 19th Century Health and Fitness for the 21st Century!

A Gurkha and his Kukri

High Risk - Monthly Black Belt Collumn by Police Officer Jim Wagner
Part 1: Move over Martil Arts - Make way for Combatives
Part 2: Martial Arts Behind Bars
Part 3: Conflict Scenario Training

The Importance Of Ferocity And Aggression

Journal of Non-Lethal Combatives - Many Military and Western Arts Articles

KILLOLOGY, (n):  The Scholarly Study of the Destructive Act

The Lofty Wiseman (S.A.S) Survival Tool

Many Online Manuals to be found Here

Marine Corps New Hand to Hand Combat Ranking Program (PDF file)

Marine Corps Historical Publications - Tons of ZIP Files!

Military Science Books - FREE Online

National Archives and Record Administration - Search the Data Base for Old Manuals, Films, and More!

Non Lethal Weapons

Pictures of Basic Stances / Techniques with Bayonet from Singapore

"Point Shooting" and the "Role of the Wrist" - Great articles on WWII era pistol combatives

"The Psychology of the Bayonet" by Major Beaudoin

Remote Viewing Manual - Once Classified?  You be the Judge!

Russian Military Combat Arts

Scouts and Raiders - Before there were SEALS

Society of American Bayonet Collectors (long bibliography)

Special Operations of WWII

Toyama Ryu - History of the Official Training School of the Japanese Army

The US Army Online - All Links - Massive Site with Links to All things Army

Using the "Woodsman's Pal" - Fighting techniques from WWII

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