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Bayonet Training Dummies
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Realistic Combat Training
And How to Conduct It
Lt. Col. Robert B. Rigg, US Army

    Lt. Col. Robert B. Rigg wrote RCT in 1955 to spread the lessons he had learned in conducting military drill maneuvers in what today would be called MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) and "Train as you Fight" exercises.  He spends most of the book detailing how you can apply these lessons in reality-based training (role playing missions in the field).  He discusses the importance allowing the soldier to overcome their fears of of loud explosions and gunfire, moaning of the wounded, smell of rotting flesh, and so on through this kind of training.  I imagine that one of his courses would have been a nightmare...a real hell pit...a ramshackle city filled with rotting cows and entrails, old cars stuffed with gas filled tires and lit, and your squad attempting a mission in this squalid inferno.  He even invented his own Atomic Blast Simulator, using a 55 gallon drum of napalm with 10 pounds of TNT under it and a few White Phosphorous grenades resting on top, for good measure...the whole thing linked with Prima cord to 8 Chemical mines filled with "FS"...wow, that's a big show folks!

    On a more down to earth basis, the book contains a number of training courses for practical shooting and this interesting segment on the bayonet....

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