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    I know how holidays can grate on a person.  Being around people you hate and having to be polite is a real pain in the ass.  I always dreaded this time of year, having to be around certain people.  I guess that's why every Thanksgiving anymore, I'm always thankful that my ex-wife threw me out, because it meant never having another holiday ruined by having to see her family again.

    I also am always thankful that I met Ms. Lilly, and got the cool set of in-laws this time.  With that heartwarming intro (brings a tear to my eye every time anyhow) let me share some pictures of my new in-laws from from this summer, that I was just given.  These were shot on a lark, so enjoy!

Memorial Day Family Bar-B-Q Report

      Guns and knives came out at the big annual Family Bar-B-Q over Memorial Day weekend.  It's not my in-laws fault, really, and I know I just encourage them.  Before chow we even had us some spirited knife fighting with the trainers.  These folks are all armed citizens in their own right, and we discussed snapped these shots of unarmed defense when (unloaded) guns were pointed my way.

Mr. X - Buddhist Biker from Hell
"I'm Pissed Off Y2K didn't happen!  I think it would have been good for folks!"

    Here Mr. X threatening me with a 12 ga.  He is saying terrible things, and strikes me into the chest to make his point.  I cave in with the strike and pivot, while grabbing and controlling his left wrist with my right hand while clearing my left arm from the line of the muzzle.

    Continuing the flow, I enter and deliver a big chin jab, still holding his left wrist and the muzzle of the gun.  Grabbing the right wrist and trapping the shotgun against my body, I elbow across the head and back as a spike, driving him to the ground.  I track the fall and continue the fight from there.

He says "Get inta' the car!", I pivot with the motion of "ducking to get in" control the muzzle and chin jab.

Grab rifle with left hand and give a right ear-cup, and follow with headlock throw.

Pin rifle across his neck while dropping a knee on the ribs, then drop the other knee on the head and rip the gun out.

Oh no - It's that pool hall villain MILES LONG!  The guy can really rack his balls!

"Talk to the Hand!" he says, "But wait...WACK!"  A big punch and I am knocked down.  Hands stay up, head off the ground.

"Now I use Hick-Boxing" he laughs, trying to stomp my face.  I redirect the force with the outside of the leg and control it downward, away from me, while trapping it behind the right knee, and causing Miles Long to land off balance.  With a whole-body twist to my left I take him down.  The hands can help by grabbing his pants in back (or long jacket) and pulling down, but just watch your face.  Once he's down, I could go for a fancy leg lock...

But I think a good ol' chin jab and "get up off the floor" is more in line...then I can stomp him back!

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