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Free Role Playing Games / Wargames / Card Games

This has nothing to do with martial arts, which we normally deal with here at Alliance. This is just a page for fun.

The Internet is home to thousands of free tabletop wargames, role playing games (RPG's), and card games.  Here we will share links to many of them that you can download, print, and play.  We will also be sharing some of the many games that Mr. Kautz has designed over the years.

Some religious people think that playing games is somehow spiritually harmful (probably right up there with dancing and talking to girls). This is the original Dark Dungeons tract from Chic Publications, which warns of the alleged dangers of suicide and devil worship associated with role-playing games. I passed these out at gaming conventions for years as a joke... Check out the rest of the Chic site for 100's of other tracts you can read online. Great stuff for clipart!

Need Dice?

Review of Easy Roller Dice & Accessories
Good dice for gaming at an affordable price

Older House Rules

These are just a few of the dozens of games I have designed and playtested over the years. I will web more rule sets as I have the time / motivation.

1 Brain Cell Toy Soldiers
This is a free PDF version of the kind of toy-soldier rules I grew up playing with kids in the neighborhood, once we decided to use dice instead of BB guns to resolve the combats. Easy to play and expand on, perfect simple tactical fun for you and the kids with a .99 cent bag of green Army guys.

Kung Fu Heroes - Digital Edition Card Game
Kung Fu Heroes is a card game that we've been playing since 1995 with rpg, solo, and minis rules that we have added onto the card game shell.  This is a favorite beer and pretzels game, and the Advanced rules for team play with a rotating game master are a hoot.  Grab the 3x5 cards, some pens, a bunch of 6-sided dice and have fun.  Here are the Basic rules for the card game

Reviewed Links to 1000's of Free Games and More!

Chris' Compendium
Another list of free RPGs.

Free Wargames Rules
British megasite of wargames rules for all time periods.  Break away from 40K - play something different for a change!

The Game Cabinet
Awesome boardgame and card game source.

Game Concepts
Wonderful long essays on game design and theory. I'd love to kick back a few beers with this person and talk shop!

Germ's 3-D Floor Plans
Part of
Germ's Home Pages which has lots and lots of gaming goodness in it! Free stuff galore including 3-D floor plans!

Roman Gladiator card game with advanced rules for building a stable of gladiators and having them fight matches, earning fame, money, and experience, until they are given freedom or death.  Nicely made card set is also available online, just print out, photocopy, and enjoy - thank you Gladius Support Page!

Goblinoid Games
Makers of the 1st Edition Dungeons & Dragons retro-clone Labyrinth Lord as well as the Gama World influenced Mutant Future, both still just as fun as you remember them and compatible with most old adventure modules you have laying around.  So stop paying for new games and get playing a classic!

Invented Card Games
New Games with regular decks of cards and links to traditional card games, too.

Microgaming Special Section!

The Maverick's Classic Microgame Museum
Microgames from every company with great graphics and a clean layout - great site!

The Metagaming Page
Information and support for playing Microgames by e-mail.

Microgame HQ Archives
Random literature and documentation regarding these classic games.

Mind's Eye Publishing
Producers of a number of free rule sets that share a common set of simple task resolution mechanics.  Many interesting themes from fantasy to dark cyber-heroes.

Morton's List: The End to Boredom
Real life and game mesh in this cult urban phenomenon known as Morton's List. Wild or mild...you've signed on for the ride! It is certainly a powerful answer to the age-old question of "what to do now?" This is not a table-top game or live-action in the sense that you think...this is real life!

Ninja Burger
The comic strip that is a game that is a marketing genius that is NINJA BURGER! Check it out and laugh...very fun and playable, too!

Risus: The Anything RPG
Possibly one of the best and simplest RPG's ever. 30-second character creation and hours of fun! From
Cumberland Games

RPG Archive
Almost the same name, but a different site with hundreds more free scenarios for any genre and lots more stuff all donated by readers. Need an idea, or a scenario to modify for your group? This is a great place to go.

This web site is devoted to the production of terrain for table-top wargames; the aim being to show you what you need to know to make great looking, cheap terrain!

Site dedicated to miniatures wargaming, including miniature painting, terrain building, casting, and all other facets of miniature gaming. Lots of good links and info.

Warp Spawn Games
Weird game designs, many card games.  Get lots of 3x5 cards and pens and have fun making your own decks.  Many of these games play far better than the CCG's you'll bankrupt yourself on, and are well worth the trouble.

Hardcore wargaming site for old-school players.

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