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My Experiences with Cold Water Dousing
A Testimonial to the Health Benefits of this Simple Practice
By Lily Gold

I'll be the first to admit that I was initially skeptical about cold water dousing.

When Pete said he was going to start dousing almost 3 years ago, I didn't think he was serious. It was winter time, after all. But he started to douse all the time, and though I was worried at first, his health just seemed to get better for doing it.

Pete would always jokingly offer to "fill me a bucket", but I was honestly kind of apprehensive about the result of the physical jolt to my body from doing it. All kinds of horrible scenarios ran through my mind. I was afraid that I would go into shock, that my neck muscles would spasm and lock up, or that I would get hypothermia or something.

Eventually, curiosity and desperation got to me...

It was summer time and I was experiencing chronic Hives. They itch like hell and make you feel terrible...and I was willing to try anything to help alleviate them! As some of you may know, Hives get worse in the heat - not fun. You can take prescription drugs (which do not cure them) but they knock me right out. There were weeks where I was literally coming home from work, taking Claratin, and just going to bed.

I decided this was no way to live...I decided to try dousing.

Since I began in the summer, the thought of cold water was quite appealing, and I was pleasantly surprised with how good it felt. I found dousing to be refreshing, invigorating and it did help my hives go away. Combined with Acupuncture and Chinese herbal tea, I don't have any more problem with them.

I've been dousing ever since - for over a year now. YES, even in the winter! In fact, we were out last night at a toasty 9 degrees!!! Wooooo - Chilly Cold!

The only part that is still a little difficult is my feet; you want to dig in the snow to get to the ground to stand on. It's still cold, but better. My feet get cold and almost hurt - until they warm back up (which only takes a few minutes) and then they feel great.

Bottom line on dousing? I feel healthier, breathe better, and have more tolerance to the cold. Don't knock it unless you try it!

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